Best Tactical Chest Rigs

Best Tactical Chest Rigs: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide and Top 5 Reviews for 2017

The options that you have for a great tactical chest rig are plentiful. Such a rig will help you to carry all sorts of combat gear and other items for when you are out in the wild. With this kind of tactical gear, you can carry your radio, a medical kit, a hydration carrier, and any weapons that you might need to have on you.

A chest rig is designed primarily to carry ammo along with other supplies. Such a rig like a molle chest rig could even be worn over a separate plate carrier if desired for additional body armor.

When choosing a quality tactical chest rig, you need to find an option that fits over your body well and will not be too hard to carry around. A great rig should be able to hold a variety of ammo materials and other compounds. It should also be very safe to use without being too hard to tote around.

Anything that is easy to adjust while having compartments that are easy to reach and use always helps. You need a quality model that is easy to tote and use without being overly complicated. With all of these points in mind, it helps to look at a few great options among the best tactical chest rigs that you can get today. Here are five of the best choices you can find in 2017.

Condor Recon Chest Rig

The first choice to find is this Condor Recon Chest Rig. It has three built-in magazine pouches that can handle up to six pistol or M4 mags. The release buckle comes with a push-button design to help with removing and securing the rig as well. The compartments are made to where you can quickly grab the ammo or other materials you need in as little time as possible.

The cross-back shoulder strap has a comfortable padding material all the way around. This allows you to feel comfortable as you are heading around. The strap also promotes a better sense of balance all around.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Less than half a pound in weight when empty


  • Tough to wash off
  • Release button needs to be kept open without pressure added onto it


5.11 Unisex Adult Rig

The second rig to find is this nylon model that features a molle design with exterior webbing to help secure all kinds of pouches and other materials. The nylon is waterproof and comes with full padding to keep it comfortable and less likely to wear out as you use it. The nylon cover also helps to keep the rig comfortable and relaxed.

Loop Velcro is included on one strap to help add more items onto the rig. The padding on those straps also ensures that the vest will be easy to wear without chafing or wearing out.


  • Very flexible
  • Easy to adjust
  • Molle straps make it easy to adjust alongside a tactical plate holder


  • Velcro adhesives are spaced out too far
  • Tough to clean


Condor Tactical Rapid Assault Chest Rig


People of all sizes will enjoy this particular chest rig. It features a strong cross-back strap pattern and plenty of adjustable points that make it easier for you to control the chest rig and make it fit properly.

The swivel push release buckles help you to get access to all the compartments in your rig rather quickly. The hook panels are also designed with a number of attractive fasteners that help to keep larger mags intact. This offers a good setup for storing items without being too hard to use in any manner.


  • Compartments are very versatile
  • Mesh pockets are soft and easy to wear
  • Fit is adjustable and easy to wear
  • Ideal for people with larger frames


  • Some items in pouches can shift easily
  • A little bulkier than most other vests


Lancer Tactical CA-307

This fourth choice is a modular chest rig that has a great series of Velcro attachments around the front area for a variety of mag pouches. It is made with a thick polyester body to keep attachments intact and ready to work as well as possible. The triple molle magazine pouch works well for storing more magazines at a time.

The hydration pouch that comes with this also helps to add a 2.5-liter hydration bladder. That hydration unit would have to be purchased separately. The square rings on the back panel also help you with securing a number of items onto the body of your chest rig.


  • Offers plenty of storage spaces
  • Convenient for carrying a number of larger materials
  • Handles a variety of mag pouches


  • Relatively heavy even when it is empty
  • Hard to adjust at times


Zephyr Tactical OPS Chest Rig


The last of the chest rigs to look at is this option from Zephyr Tactical. This chest rig offers a good body with swivel push-release buckles. Those buckles allow you to quickly remove and adjust the chest rig as needed.

The molle webbing helps you to add a number of attachments. D-rings are included on the cross-back shoulder straps to add a comfortable feeling while being very easy to wear and transport around. Two open mag pouches are included with one on each side of the rig.


  • Easy to store items in
  • Pouches can be moved around as needed
  • Easy to put on and take off; it does not slip off on its own


  • Tough at first to find a good fit
  • Requires a bit of training to get used to some storage spots

Final Word

A great tactical chest rig has to be prepared well to keep you comfortable and capable of enjoying a great outdoor trip. Check out how well a rig will fit and how you can add things into it when figuring out the right choice for your use. You will see when you look around carefully that it is easy to get quite a great vest when chosen right. It is a necessity when you consider how functional and helpful such a chest rig can be.


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