Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt Review

Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt Review

When you think tactical vest, you think storage for guns, ammunition and maybe a map. These are vests that are typically worn by the military and law enforcement. What else could they need? And why would you ever need one?

What about being an avid outdoorsman? You know, you go into the wilderness and camp and hike for a few weeks. But, that means you have a lot of gear that needs to go with you. While some if can stay at your camp and in your tent, there is quite a long list of essentials that you will still need with you at all times.

Even if you aren’t hunting, it is still a good idea to keep some sort of weapon on you just for protection. After all, you are out in the wilderness and you never truly know what is out there.

So, while you are hanging out in the woods, you are probably going to go for quite a few hikes. Some people have those nifty backpacks with the hydration packet, but the problem is that the backpacks aren’t always the best vessel for carrying the tools that you need to bring with you. Another problem is that all of the weight of the backpack is right on your back.

In the mountains with backpacks

So, your gear is in the back, you water is in the back, and in the meantime you are also wearing down your back. All of this – and in the meantime, you are walking around all over creation wearing yourself out. Somehow, that just does not seem practical.

But, you don’t want a tactical vest because what about your water? That is one of the most essential things to your nature walks, hikes and adventures. That is where this product comes in!

Sometimes, you just have to look a little further. Not all tactical vests are the same, while some offer a variety of adjustments for the size, some offer adjustments for the size of the pockets and stuff for storage options, there are also other vests that offer something even more creative – a pouch for a hydration bladder! That is just what you need! Then you could not only have your gear right in front and easily accessible, but your hydration bladder would be right along with it.

About The Condor Cross Draw Vest

This featured product is the Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt and it is not like all of the other products out on the market today. This tactical vet also comes standard with a tactical belt, which increases comfort and storage, but it also has some other pretty incredible perks! This vest is made by Condor and will cost you right around $65.


  • The right side of this tactical vest features 3 ammo pouches, with a large shell carrying pouch and a shooting pad.
  • In addition to what is on the right side, the left side features a pistol holster that will work for most normal-sized mags.
  • ​The Condor Cross Draw Vest is mounted on a tough nylon mesh material.
  • ​Shoulders are adjustable with long Velcro strips.
  • The vest features 2 metal D-rings for the attachment of carabiners or other materials.
  • The rear of the vest features a double-ply mesh which allows for the storage of a hydration bladder.
  • Both the left and right sides can be adjusted for width via the drawstrings on the vest.

The Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt was created for the avid outdoorsman or hunter looking for extra storage with added, unique perks such as the hydration bladder storage.


This Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt offers added perks that are not found in all vests. It offers ample storage, with a variety of storage size so that you are able to store a variety of tools.

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It is also made to be a great product for an outdoorsman, or someone looking to store more than just guns and ammunition. The vest is also made so that it is very adjustable in size, it will make a great, comfortable fit for almost anyone.

What Do Others Say?

Based on the numerous amounts of positive reviews on this product, it looks like people are blown away by the quality of this vest! The reviews are amazing!

Buyers immediately noticed the high quality and durable feel of the fabric that the vest is made out of. Customers also noted that the shoulder padding is very comfortable, increasing the overall comfort.

One great thing that the customers love is that the gun holster is actually removable – this allows you to switch it out with whatever holster goes best with the gun that you are using at the time. You can really make the vest your own! The holster will even allow for a paintball gun if you were to purchase it for that purpose. The belt just is an added bonus that only maximizes the storage of the product even more.

Insider Information

If you are looking to use the tactical vest for something other than law enforcement, perhaps something creative like outdoors activities, look for something unique. There are many different types of tactical vests, and some are more geared toward outdoorsman and things of that nature.

For example, the hydration bladder spot that this belt offers is very beneficial and not something that you find on every tactical vest.

It is worth the time to look around, read reviews and see what you are looking at. Other people will give you insight as to what they used it for and how it worked out for them. It is always important to do your research and look for something unique if you are using it for a unique scenario – there is usually something out there for everyone.

Buying Advice

For the price, this might just be the best deal on the market! It offers an incredible amount of storage, with the unique perk of the hydration bladder storage all for a great price!

The zipper up the front of the vest makes for a great, snug fit and will allow you to take the vest off and put it on easily. It will also make it fit closely to your body and give you more control over the fit of it, without having to tighten straps and Velcro.

Final Verdict

The Condor Cross Draw Vest/Tactical Belt is a great buy for a very unique product!

Not many tactical vests offer the benefit of a hydration bladder, and not many of them come standard with a tactical belt. For the price and the fact that it is a bundle of the two products, this is a highly recommended purchase.

For the outdoorsman, I would highly recommend this product. It offers very flexible storage that will allow you to keep all of your necessities right at your fingertips! But, it I still light and comfortable with extra padding on the shoulders. It will be much more comfortable than your average hiking backpack!

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