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MOLLE Vest: The 4 Best MOLLE Vests on the Market in 2017

A Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment vest, or MOLLE vest, can make a world of difference as a hunting vest when you are out in the wild. Like all MOLLE gear, this tactical vest, or plate carrier, with MOLLE webbing can help you to carry everything you need for a hunting trip or used as body armor other special activity that you might be interested in getting into.

But in order to get the most out of such a trip, you have to get a proper MOLLE vest setup that is comfortable and easy to handle. There are several good MOLLE carrier vests with MOLLE webbing that you can find today with them featuring a variety of great storage and carrying features all around. Many of them have a number of features, such as double mag pouches, a grenade pouch, hook and loop sections, a drag handle, MOLLE straps, the renowned MOLLE webbing, and even a grenade pouch, as well as many other pockets and storage areas to ensure that you can take everything you need with you. MOLLE tactical vests are helpful for a number of activities although all of them are different in a number of ways.

Tomount Tactical MOLLE Vest

The first choice to look at is this particular MOLLE vest from Tomount. It is made with a black body with a series of Velcro pouches with many compartments. It is easy to wear and carry around anywhere you go. It is also made with 600D oxford fabric, a choice that comes with a thick body and a detailed thread layout.

The design includes three separate pouches. The first is a triple magazine pouch that uses three separate smaller compartments for hiding your ammo magazines. Secondly, there is a gadget pouch that can be used for storing GPS devices or other tech items you have. A third is used for the interphone or other communication devices you bring out with you. All three are sized properly to help you get the most out of your storage needs.


  • Fits most frames
  • Easy to adjust
  • Can support many weights


  • Shoulder straps feel rather long
  • Feels heavy to many

Smartstandard Large Size Military Breathable Vest

This particular choice is much thicker than most other MOLLE vests in that it has a 1000D nylon body. The military-grade nylon is carefully stitched with detailed threads all around. The mesh body allows air to move well while the webbing is sturdy enough for all of your attachments.

There are six tension straps on the sides. This helps to fit most people and even handles a waistline of up to 54 inches in size.

This can also be altered with different attachments that are easy to fasten and secure onto the main vest body. The setup works with optional magazine pouches, a radio pouch, and even an identification card pouch among other things. The body is designed to where the added materials can be applied onto various sections of the vest to help you get quick access to those items while out in the field.

An internal hydration pouch is also included at the back part of the vest although you have to provide the hydration bladder yourself. It does fit most models though.


  • Easy to affix items onto
  • Pouches are easy to access
  • Easy to adjust


  • Can feel stiff in some parts
  • A little heavier than most


VISM by NcStar Molle Pals Vest

Available in a good number of colors including green, gray, and tan, this is a MOLLE vest that uses three front buckles to help you secure its fit onto your body. It has six side adjustment straps and adjustable shoulders to help you get a better overall fit.

This is a double mesh-lined unit with a nylon body that covers the entire vest body. It also comes with a padded hydration compartment that secures many hydration bladder sizes that are sold separately. It holds the hydration unit in place at all times. The secure fabric also ensures that leaks will be less likely to occur.

A pistol belt is included to secure the vest and all items in its place. The strands around the body of the vest also allow you to secure a variety of attachments onto your vest with ease. This is a simple and easy to use vest that is very flexible. It even comes with two magazine pouches that fit in well with the vest body.


  • Light in weight
  • Flexible in its design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Fits well on most people


  • Does not come with enough additional attachments
  • Requires some adjustments to help get everything on

Solomone Cavalli Tactical MOLLE Combat Vest

This last choice is available in gray, black, and tan colors. It features seven one-inch straps around the front side of the vest. It also has eight similar straps on the back. These all help you to get a variety of items secured and stored for your use. The webbing around the body also helps you to get many types of pouches applied as necessary.

A triple magazine pouch is included as well as separate pouches for a flashlight and for a medical bag. These are easy to adjust and fit onto different areas on your vest. They are made of secure nylon materials that are comfortable and easy to handle.

This is also made with a lightweight body. The nylon fabric is strong and carefully woven without adding far too much weight onto it. This adds a comfortable feeling without being too stiff or otherwise tough to wear in some way.


  • Pouches are easy to apply and use
  • All straps offer support for many attachments
  • Carefully woven and sturdy
  • Very easy to wear in most basic situations


  • Not for more intensive use
  • Needs water repellant before using it for paintball

A Final Word

When looking for a MOLLE vest, it will help for you to look at the different options that are available based on how they fit, how you can adjust them, and the ways how different attachments can be used. The things you can get out of such a vest are particularly useful for your general needs but it does help to look around to see how well such a vest can be used for any intentions you have.

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