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Top 5 Best Tactical Dog Vest Reviews For 2017

Bringing your dog with you for all sorts of great hunting or outdoor trips can be fun to do. It’s always good to have some company on hand and there’s nothing better than a wonderful and local friend for you to get out there with. Today, there are a number of useful and functional tactical dog vests to look for when finding something for your outdoor partner to wear. These tactical dog vests, also known as service dog vests and dog hunting vets, are all very functional that have a number of attractive features that make them appropriate for wear, such as a tactical dog harness, body armor or armor plate, a chest strap with adjustable girth, a super-bright LED option so you can find him easily, and much more.

OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vast

The first vest to look at is this OneTigris model. It features three detachable pouches for carrying various items. The Velcro panel is large enough to keep those pouches affixed in many spots while still being very easy to adjust.

The webbing can be quickly adjusted to make it fit easier onto the dog’s body. The mesh design is also comfortable for the dog as it does not cause overheating or any form of irritation.


  • Available in three sizes
  • Easy to adjust
  • Nylon material is very durable


  • May be tough for some smaller dogs to wear
  • A 550 cord might be needed for securing it

Signature K9 Modular

The second choice is this harness that features a fully modular body. The Velcro spaces around the side go along the entire length of the harness to allow for all sorts of patches and other items to be attached to its body. This also works well with a series of G-hook attachment loops and even a V-ring for keeping the weight distributed as evenly as possible.

The nylon webbing also allows the weight to be balanced carefully and evenly. This is to keep the dog from struggling with too much pressure on one part of the body. The webbing also allows air to move through it quickly without being stuffed up or otherwise too hard to prepare or use.


  • Mesh is spaced well to improve airflow
  • Less than a pound in weight
  • Buckles offer easy fit


  • Takes trial and error for getting a good fit
  • Not all dogs can get used to it quickly

Ultrafun Patrol Harness

Designed in three different sizes and available in a few prints, this Ultrafun tactical dog vest has a metallic buckle that helps to secure all sorts of items onto it. There are two leash attachment points on the ends while various detachable pouches can be found on the sides. These pouches can be secured onto the main body of the vest through the convenient Velcro attachment strips.

The heavy-duty nylon body can handle pressure quite well. The nylon will not tear apart easily or be at risk of any kind of harm when it is used the right way.


  • Fully waterproof
  • Does not shift along the dog’s body while the dog is moving
  • Grommeted holes in pouches may is easy for you to access items inside them


  • Bulky at about two pounds in weight
  • Tough to adjust at some points

Lifeunion Tactical Dog Vest

Lifeunion has made this particular dog vest with a strong 1000D nylon body. It is very sturdy and is also light in weight so it can be applied with ease. This also has a thorax and abdomen belt that can be adjusted easily without having to use any pull harnesses.

A metal ring accent on the end makes it easier for you to attach a leash or other item onto the vest. It is particularly sturdy enough for a number of plans for when you’re aiming to walk a dog for any purpose. The ring goes alongside a few plastic adjustment points to keep the vest feeling comfortable around your dog’s body as it is being used right.


  • Multiple ends of the vest can be quickly adjusted
  • Padding keeps the dog comfortable
  • Reflective body makes it easy to see in the dark


  • Plastic materials feel relatively fragile
  • Only available in two sizes

Outry Tactical Dog Vest

The last option to find is this molle vest that is available in four different sizes for all kinds of dogs. It is made with 1000D heavy-duty nylon materials and has a breathable mesh body. The collar has a soft padding material that does not chafe. The padding moves along the dog’s body quite well and will not cause any hair or other features to be stuck within its body when used right, thus allowing for a more comfortable approach.

The Velcro panel is about four inches wide, thus allowing for you to add all sorts of pouches onto the side. This can work with any material that you have provided that a strong Velcro adhesive is used. Some added pouches are included alongside the vest although this could work with any other kind of pouch that uses this proper fitting material.

The nylon grab handles work with metal leash anchor points at the ends. These allow for added control over your dog and make it easier for your dog to feel comfortable while walking or being handled in any way.


  • Attachment points are very sturdy
  • Weighs a little less than a pound
  • Mesh materials around the collar allow air to move through


  • Difficult to wash off
  • Can be tough to adjust in some cases

A Final Word

As you look for a tactical dog vest, you have to look at the different features that come with such a model. Make sure when getting such a vest that you find a choice that is great for your dog to wear and comes with plenty of adjustment and storage features.

Make sure whatever you order is one that your dog will feel comfortable with as well as you don’t want your dog to be bothered by something that might irritate one’s skin or make your friend feel overly uncomfortable while wearing it. Be certain when finding a great vest that you have one that your dog will be comfortable with wearing without being overly rough or hard to use in any manner.

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