Yakeda Army Fans Tactical Cs Vest

Yakeda Army Fans Tactical Cs Vest Review

A high quality, durable and reliable tactical vest like the Yakeda Army Fans Tactical CS Vest can make all the difference. Are you ever out on the field playing paintball with your team and you just can’t seem to re-load quickly enough? Either you are having to carry your extra paintball gun and ammunition, or you just can’t find a good way to keep your extra gear close by and easily accessible.

Or, maybe, you are an avid hunter and you need a place to keep all of your extra gear. Hunting involves so many different tools: you need your knife for skinning the animal (or other purposes), you need your extra ammunition, your orange vest, a flashlight and possibly even another firearm.

But, if you aren’t sitting in the stand the entire time, this can be way too much to carry. You could use a backpack, but then you have to take it off every single time you need something and it can get pretty heavy with all of the weight remaining in one location, and on your back of all places.

Yakeda Vest Review

Personally, I hate when I am on a camping trip and decide to go for a hike and can’t seem to fit everything in my backpack in a good way. I need a knife, flashlight, first aid kit and water bottle, at least, sometimes more.

I could always use a more efficient way to carry all of my extra gear, and a way to do it that doesn’t put all of the stress on my back, because believe it or not, I kind of need that in order to hike efficiently.

This is when the benefits of a tactical vest come in! The extra pockets, zippered pouches and holsters will free up your hands and allow you to perform better. I know, when you think of a tactical vest or plate carrier, the first thing you think of is the military.

You know, like the modular tactical vest that was adopted by the United States Marine Corps a few years back. But, get this – there are other options!

If you are not standing on the front line in combat, you might not need the highest grade tactical vest, but that does not mean that you couldn’t find a great use for one!

There are so many different options when it comes to brands, materials, fit, offered storage and add-ons. A tactical vest does not have to be bulky, heavy duty and hot. It can also be light, offer minimal storage and very minimal protection.

About The Product

This item is the Yakeda Army Fans Tactical Cs Vest. This vest is a high quality, breathable, lightweight tactical vest made for outdoor purposes. It is made by Yakeda Outdoor Travel Products and will cost you around $35.


  • Adjustable side straps for a more comforting and ventilating fit. This allows you to adjust the vest fit to your needs.
  • The vest comes equipped with a zipper for easy use and an easy wear.
  • ​Straps and buckles around the waist, also leading to a more comfortable and unique fit.
  • ​The vest is made of high quality, strong and durable material. It is made to last for a long time.
  • ​Right handed draw.
  • The vest’s girth and length are fully adjustable – one size fits most 4 deluxe adjustable mag pouches.
  • ​It features hook-and-loop closesures, along with drain holes and elastic to hold mags tight.
  • The vest features two large internal, zippered map or document pouches.
  • ​Both the left and right sides can be adjusted for width via the webbings.
  • One universal cross-draw holster and adjustable position

This Yakeda Army Fan Tactical Cs Vest was created for use in outdoor travel, mountaineering or other field sports and outdoor activities.


This tactical vest will offer you a very comfortable, breathable and durable vest. It will offer you extensive storage, with the ease of universal fittings and adjustable pouches to fit your specific mags.

Yakeda Vest Open

This product offers much more flexibility than most products. It allows you to adjust the vest to best fit you, and it also allows you to adjust the storage pouches to best fit the items that you are storing. With the additional two large internal, zippered map or document pouches, this vest is sure to have a spot for every item that you would need to keep with you.

The straps and buckles around the waist set this product apart from others. This allows you to adjust and fit more than just the shoulders of the vest, ensuring that the fit will be snug and still comfortable. It truly is designed to be one size fits most.

What Do Others Say?

Customers can’t seem to say enough good things about this product! The flexibility and versatility, along with the vest maintaining its durable quality, has made this tactical vest a hit with consumers.

One happy customer noted that this vest was purchased for the use of a lightweight home defense and shooting vest. They said that the quality and the comfort of the vest was truly impressive. The customer said the storage on the vest was impeccable, and perfectly fit their 9mm and SKS strippers clips. Also, they noted that the additional pockets were a great place to store their extra ammunition!

This really demonstrates the versatility of this vest – while the customer is not using it for sports, or for battle, it is a great tool to have simply just for home protection and other practical uses. Plus, the added storage is always beneficial!

Insider Information

When you go to purchase your tactical vest, lookout for vests that do not make multiple mentions of their adjustability.

While the specs might show that it fits a certain size, everybody is different and while it might be your technical size, the fit of the vest might still not work. It is important to get one that you can maximally adjust, because you absolutely will not want to hang out in an uncomfortable tactical vest as it can be terribly uncomfortable.

Yakeda Vest Review

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Another thing to watch out for, very specific pocket measurements. While you might prefer one type of ammunition and one firearm, that could always change. The worst thing you could do is buy a vest that is only good for one firearm, and one type of ammunition.

Then you have limited yourself to only using the things that fit in that vest, or you are stuck buying more than one vest – neither of which is a practical option.

Buying Advice

Aside from the fact that this Yakeda tactical vest is already priced to sell, there are some additional perks that make this such a great buy!

This vest is sold on Amazon, and the biggest perk is that if you are an Amazon Prime holder, this item is Prime shipping eligible! What does this mean? It means that you get free, two-day shipping. This gets you your product fast and saves money!

Another perk is that right now, on Amazon, Yakeda is running a special deal for everyone who purchases this durable vest. When you purchase this tactical vest, you are eligible for 30% off with the purchase of one of their eligible items.

Final Verdict

The Yakeda Army Fan Tactical Cs Vest is a great buy! It is durable, adjustable, affordable and loaded with perks, including discounts and free shipping.

I would recommend purchasing this product if you are looking for a light, durable option for outdoor traveling or sports, or something as simple as home defense protection. This is a great, and versatile vest that will offer you maximum comfort and the most versatile storage options. While it is not military grade, it is made to fit those looking for a more practical vest.

It has ample storage, including adjustable pockets to best fit the firearm and ammunition that you use. The versatility of this vest really allows you to customize it to fit you and to fit your needs.

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